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Our Team

Denis Daly

Denis is the CEO of Voices of Today. He is a professional audio book narrator and producer and currently has sixty audio titles published on Audible.com. He is also co-founder of Rhapsodize, an initiative to promote the performance and recording of classic poetry. In 2015 he confounded The Online Stage, a recording and production service for dramatic works. He has narrated and produced spoken audio in many genres, including fiction, poetry, drama, history and self-help literature.

Cate Barratt

Cate is the regional director of Voices of Today for Canada.    She is a professional audio book narrator, and has recorded over 1000 sections for Librivox and currently has nine solo titles in the catalogue at Audible.com.  She has also contributed to several recordings produced by Rhapsodize Audio and to dramatic productions by The Online Stage . Cate is fluent in French and has a working knowledge of German.

Jennifer Fournier

Jennifer is the regional director of Voices of Today for the USA.  She is a professional audio book narrator  and currently has thirteen solo titles in the catalogue at Audible.com.   She has also been an active contributor at Librivox and The Online Stage.  Jennifer has been a popular choice among contemporary authors seeking a narrator for their work.

Our services

Audiobook narration

Voices of Today has a substantial catalogue of spoken word recordings. We also offer a recording service to authors who wish to have their books narrated. Clients can choose either a narration-only service or a full audio-book production.

Audiobook production

At Voices of Today we can prepare and produce audiobooks from pre-recorded material in any common audio format. If required your spoken audio can be enhanced with music or sound effects. Recordings can be set up for distribution either on line or by CD. Production includes the creation of high quality case covers.

Narrator support

Would you like to record an audiobook but don't know where to start? Do you feel intimidated by the amount of knowledge and experience required to establish yourself as an audiobook narrator? Voices of Today can provide the advice and support you may need to build a presence as a confident and accomplished spoken word artist.

The Online Stage

The Online Stage is a collective of narrators and actors who have come together to produce and publish high quality recordings of dramatic works in audio format. For further information please visit:

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